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About us

4chain was founded by experienced technology enthusiasts who believe in immense opportunities that the blockchain can bring to the business. We all combine technology, business and product development experience which enables us to deliver unique value to our clients offering advice and development of turn-key solutions based on the blockchain technology.


Global and remote projects are our natural habitat. We work with our clients in flexible setups adjusting approach to their needs. Apart from understanding of technology, we always bring bags full of business experience and knowledge gained in variety of industries.


We decided to work with the BSV blockchain due to its advantages and adaptability in the business world. All the information on the BSV blockchain is available here.

Our services

We work mostly in a managed services model as we believe that is how we deliver the greatest value added to our clients. Our offer comprises both product and technology development and consulting services.

The core backend and frontend technologies that we work with embrace GO,  Python, Node.js/JavaScript/TypeScript. We also specialize in cloud technologies including AWS and GCP.

We use the BSV blockchain to build comprehensive solutions including wallets, smart contracts, tokenization, infrastructure, etc.

Our promise

Make use of our knowledge. We always start with understanding what are the client’s business goals and assumptions. Based on that we offer our advice on architecture and technology that should be used to achieve business goals.

Deliver business value. We see the value in a timely delivery of the useful and working product that meets clients needs. Technology serves the business, not vice versa.

Transparency and trust. Once we start cooperation, we are building one team with the client. We always value open communication and do our best to provide the most accurate estimations and reliable information on the progress. We believe that common trust is crucial for successful cooperation.

Agility. We know that business is about changes, and we are always ready to adjust our approach and the project assumptions to meet changing requirements. Our teams know what it means to be agile as that is how we usually work.



Meet the team

We prefer personal contact over formal inquiries. Please reach out to us directly via our network or LinkedIn, we respond very quickly. We like to keep it simple.


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